Taiwan president: We will not acquiesce in China

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen said in response to Mr Speech by Chinese President Xi Jinping. Tsai says the path China has charted for the country does not offer freedom and democracy.

Today is a national holiday in Taiwan to celebrate the founding of the state in 1949. “We hope to facilitate relations between the two countries and will not rush. But there should be no illusions at all that the Taiwanese people will bow under pressure,” the Taiwanese president said.

Yesterday, the Chinese president said he hopes for the peaceful reunification of the two countries. “The historic mission of the complete unification of the motherland must and will be completed,” Xi said. The president’s speech was more moderate than his speech in July. He then said that any attempt at independence would be rushed.

Tensions between Taiwan and China have risen sharply in recent days. China quickly sent about 150 fighter jets and bombers to the Taiwan border. Taiwan was then forced to launch military aircraft as well.

NOS op 3 made this explainer video about Taiwan:

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