Take a look inside a colorful working class home with a ‘touch of design’

Scandinavian and colorful decor

Their search for housing began about seven years ago and eventually ended in this house in Harlem. When you enter the hall, at first it looks like a very small house, but as soon as you enter the living room, you will feel very spacious.

They completely modernized the house, opting for colorful Scandinavian d├ęcor. The color of eggplant is reflected throughout the ground floor, giving the whole a calm and warm look. In addition, they added some design elements, but … then they picked up second-hand.

Against the eggplant-colored living room wall, the wall is painted a warm gray. This provides more peace of mind all in all. Nancy’s favorite place is on the sofa by the window where most of the light comes in.

Back to the front

The kitchen used to be where the living room is now built. They changed this layout and put the kitchen from the back to the front, so that they have enough space in the living room and can also look at the garden.

The couple chose a cooking island in the kitchen. Cabinets in a matte white finish keep the base calm so that the color on the wall can vary. In this way they create the special atmosphere in their home.

They have continued the purple wall in their spacious garden of 60 square meters. They are very happy with the result.

Amazing Beams and DIY Headboard

The guest bedroom is actually a very small space. It used to be two smaller rooms. When they were tearing down the wall that was between them, they suddenly came across the beating beam. They polished it down to make it stand out nicely.

In the master bedroom, they also used gray from the basement to create a nice and calm Scandinavian atmosphere. They are even more proud of their handcrafted headboard. They’ve set oak wood here and mirrored it in the niches to add some extra warmth to the room.

Creating an interior in your own style definitely takes some time. But in the end, when everything is in place, it will be worth it!

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