Take out a Christmas tree, plant in it: these are the best alternatives

So the question now is: Which plant can you best fill this boring empty space?

big houseplant

Since the Christmas tree took up a lot of space, a large plant is needed to fill the space. A plant that needs a bit of care, which is nice after we had to suck up fallen pines every day. In addition, just like clothing, hairstyles and interior, houseplants are also subject to trends.

Sansevieria or female tongue is a very suitable plant for the water forgetters among us. Sansevieria is one of the easiest houseplants. The plant not only gives your room a warm look, but also ensures better humidity. The plant does well in many living rooms, which makes sense because the plant is easy, attractive, and healthy.

light and heat

Sansevieria is very handy not only because it needs little or no water, but also because you can put it anywhere: in a sunny place or away from the window. In the latter case, the water requirements will decrease and they will grow less quickly. In addition, the leaves of the plant become lighter in color in a sunny spot. A little further from the window, the paper becomes darker. That is why it is more beautiful for some species if they are a little further from the window, in order to preserve their dark color.