Talented young Dutch player David Haverdings (17) signs for Sven Ness: “Ronhar already told me about the nice atmosphere in the team”


Trek-Baloise Lions, Sven Nys, have brought on young Dutchman David Haverdings for next season. 17-year-old Drent from Zuidlaren has won almost everything to win in the junior class this season – except for the European Championships in Drenthe, where he was bested by Belgian Aaron Duke.

Sven Ness and his team also took note of these good performances which is why his team offered him a contract that Haverdings was happy to sign. He will ride next season through team promise and finish this summer’s MTB season for the Nys: AA Drink Young Lions team.

With Haverdings, another Dutchman will join the Belgian side Nice. In the men’s race, Lars van der Haar and Bem Ronhar lead as European champions; The ladies who hold the title of Lion are world champion Lucinda Brand and Sherine Van Anroy.

“I feel ready to make a move,” Hefferdings replied. “I hope to develop my talents at the Baloise Trek Lions. This seems like a natural move. I was already introduced to Pim Ronhaar at mountain bike racing last summer. He really told me about the nice atmosphere in the team,” he continues. vs RTV Drenthe.

Haverdings started his cycling career with BMX, but switched to cyclo-Cross when he was twelve. Not without success, he has already won fourteen games this season. In Fayetteville, he is the only youngster to represent the Netherlands at the cyclocross world championships at the end of January.

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