Talk show host Daniel Ricciardo calls and talks about stupidity: “What is Formula 1?”

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres invites Danielle Ricciardo to her TV show, but the presenter seems to have read very poorly for the conversation. When the McLaren driver appears on her television set, Ms Ricciardo simply asks the basic questions.

There are no “dumb questions,” teachers say. Professional interviewers, presenters, and other types of journalist mosquitoes know this to be true: the best answers usually follow very simple and basic questions.

Whether TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres knows nothing about F1 and her guest Daniel Ricciardo or not: her style definitely leads to a private conversation on TV.

Daniel Ricciardo comes out with a big smile but it is somewhat uncomfortable of course. Watch the lovely conversation here:

Formula 1 is growing in popularity, especially in the United States. This growth in interest in the motorsports royal category will be the result of the Netflix series drive to survive.

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