Talpa responds to the unrest around Claire at Chateau Myland

I told Erica, Claire’s grandmother, this week Veronica Magazine That her granddaughter “is only allowed to TV five times a year.” This has to do with the inspection by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor. As a result, Claire won’t go through much Chateau Milland. Disappointment, says employer Talpa. “at Chateau Milland We follow the real daily life of the Meiland family, of which Claire is of course a part, ”a spokesperson for Talpa told RTL Boulevard.

“It would be unnatural to keep her out of the picture,” the statement added. Claire’s well-being is always on top, and we always intend to comply with applicable regulations. In this case, these rules seem less appropriate for reality shows like Chateau Milland. We are currently having a good consultation with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment about the photography of Claire. We assume that we can make good agreements with each other on this matter so that Claire continues to be seen as a family member in the program. “

The new season of Chateau Milland It will debut again on March 1 at SBS6. You can see the first pictures in the video below.

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