Teachers We Sa Stre stay home today

Teachers in Suriname, grouped into the “Wi Sa Strey” working group, changed the working motto. They will not go out into the street today to make their voices heard, but they will stay at home. The teachers have been campaigning for a lot of improvement for about two weeks.

Teachers require SR5,000 government food vouchers or a purchasing power boost of SR5,000, two oil cards for two full tanks per month and better health insurance.

Teachers point out that as long as the requirements are not met, they will not work. In recent days, individuals have tried to bribe the leader of the action, Meredith Hoogdorp. Jars refused gifts.

Three people approached Hoogdorp separately. It takes the position that it is a matter of fair fight and not the interests of individuals. “I am supported by teachers of various levels, so I cannot accept donations.”

Hoogdorp was offered a car and an eight-seater bus, and the second attempt was made with an offer of US$10,000. “Mi no wani in. I rejected them. I also got a call from another person offering a megaphone and a sound truck. I said: I will do it with my voice.

In exchange for donations, the tractor will have to register with a specific political party along with all of its supporters. “I don’t give anyone a chance to break me. Mi e tan rij mi pikin broko wagi,” she says confidently.

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