TeamNL is now really starting after a great medal night

The night’s biggest successes came from quad double in rowing and cyclist Animek Van Vleuten. “The whole story,” Van Vleuten said after she won the gold in the time trial. Anna van der Bregenn took the bronze.

After falling and wrong, gold is now

In Rio de Janeiro in 2016, Van Vleuten was on her way to the title when she fell hard. She even thought last week that she had won the road race in Tokyo, but due to a misunderstanding she did not realize that an Austrian was driving in front of her.

Now it’s time to celebrate. And so she replied:

The quadruped on the rowing course did what was expected of them, but it’s very easy to write it down like that. The four contestants held the position of the frontrunners firmly, despite a foul by Dirk Oettenbogaard.

big win

He made a fatal mistake, causing the boat to lose its precious speed. The team didn’t panic and got back up to speed and gave the competition a good run. Dutch midnight gold. At the time, Van Vleuten was the first and only one for TeamNL, yet to come.

Here’s what the guys said in front of the RTL Nieuws camera:

But we already said it: It was a waterfall of medals and it would have been close if we had not two medals, but four golds. Melvin Tueller and Steve Bruinck took the silver in the double paddles, although soon afterwards they were disappointed that he didn’t become gold. The difference with the number 1 France was only twenty of a second.

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Also rowing bronze

The women’s quartet was pretty close. They also can smell gold. After an unparalleled final race, the difference with Australia was negligible, but it was too big for the gold.

But we are still not there. Today’s first medal was bronze. Lisa Chenard and Roos de Jong finished third behind Romania and New Zealand in the two boat groups. The two held second place for a long time, but could not repel an attack from New Zealand.

Dumoulin, Van Dyck, Van T End

At the moment, that was the case today. But don’t be surprised if this article gets updated at the end of the day. Judukas Noel van te End and Sunny Van Dyck are still participating in the medals. And who knows what cyclist Tom Dumoulin can still do in the time trial?

The Dutch team in Tokyo can also benefit from the successes. All the athletes who appeared in front of the camera afterwards admitted that the week had been difficult. A week of infection from fellow athletes, then that infection provided additional measures to others.

Infection and measures

For example, rowers are no longer allowed to use the public facilities on the rowing path. Then you have to think about the dining room, the toilet and the warm-up room. The rowing association will now also have to arrange transportation to the rowing course itself. The Dutch no longer take public buses.

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