On November 19, TEDxAmsterdam is organizing a physical event titled ‘180 On Thinking’ for the first time since 2019. Each of the following speakers will reflect on their personal life-changing moment in an eighteen-minute conversation:

● Internist and Professor Marcel Levy

● Culinary specialist Noah Tucker

● Businessman Youssef Youssef

● Performing as activist Naomi Peter

● Film Lecturer Jazzy Taihuttu

● Composer and musician Boris Aket

● en tech now – Adah Parris.

It is one of the most diverse collections TEDxAmsterdam has created to date, covering topics from scaling green business to activism. Interested parties can apply via a short motivation letter. This creates a diverse, high-value audience that is present with genuine interest. Many good reasons have already emerged. From people who are going through a turning point in their lives and looking for support in the speakers’ stories to people who want to deepen their careers with new insights. employment tedx.amsterdam You’ll find more information about the talks and how to get a ticket on November 19 at Beurs van Berlage. It is also possible to watch on your site via live broadcast.

Photo Editor Baz