Teenagers (14 and 16) Among the Dead Astroworld, Others Testify: ‘Begged to stop the party’ | Abroad

“I passed out because everyone was pushing me so hard,” Madeline Eskins, an intensive care nurse, said in an Instagram post. “I couldn’t breathe. Then I heard the fans assembled my unconscious body to security.”

“When I woke up, I was sitting on a chair with a water bottle on my knee. Around me people were brought in with their eyes rolling and their noses bleeding. “Has anyone here checked his heartbeat yet?”, I asked. I could feel the pulse of two people, but he wasn’t there.”

Her testimony continues: “Security officers asked me for help, especially when I said that I myself was a nurse. I saw people – I thought they were nurses too – giving first aid, and people who had been run over on the floor. There were very few medical personnel.”


The organization of the Astroworld Festival in the US city of Houston sympathizes with the relatives of the eight visitors, including two young men aged 14 and 16, who died at the peak on Friday. The event, created by rapper Travis Scott, made this known in an initial response on Saturday.

“Our thoughts are with the Astroworld Festival family,” the organization wrote on social media. “Especially between people we’ve lost and loved ones.” Scott himself said on Twitter that his thoughts are with the families of the victims and others affected. He “smashed” what happened. “I want to help the people of Houston to support the affected families,” he added.

Both statements do not address online criticism of, among other things, safety measures during the festival with around 50,000 visitors. How the situation got out of hand is still under investigation. The organization and Scott say they are collaborating with the researchers. The second and final day of the festival has been canceled due to the events.

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On the first day, people were crushed unconscious near the stage, among other things. As a result, eight people died, and 25 visitors had to be taken to hospital. Thirteen of them were still there as of Saturday, including a 10-year-old boy who was seriously injured. During the day, more than three hundred people were treated in the emergency room at the festival site.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott spoke of the “tragic” events and the “scary” situation caused by the stampede. The politician said he is sad and sympathetic to the bereaved, just like Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner. “The organizers put this party up to let people enjoy the music together, but unfortunately it ended in tragedy,” Turner said.

“There was no ventilator, no defibrillator, no stretcher… I saw teens in the audience trying to resuscitate the victims and doing it wrong. I saw people being resuscitated with a heartbeat, simply because no one checked for a heartbeat. We had no coverage. On our phones, so we couldn’t call for help. People begged the staff to stop the party, but it didn’t. I’m disappointed for that.”

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