Telegram has become the most popular app around the world

Over the past month, Telegram has become the most downloaded smartphone app worldwide. Besides numbers from Play Store and App Store, Messaging was the most popular app in January.

Popular Telegram

cable The most popular app on smartphones in January, Data From Sensor tower. The app was downloaded 63 million times worldwide last month, compared to the second-ranked 62 million downloads on TikTok. Thus Telegram was installed 3.8 times more than the same period last year. In addition to this, Signal has also been a huge hit, making it the third most popular app with data from the App Store and Play Store combined.

Telegram and Signal were very successful due to WhatsApps Controversial privacy statement. The messaging service more clearly described how it shares user data with its parent company, Facebook. So WhatsApp could draw on a lot of criticism and Signal and Telegram have emerged as alternatives.

Telegram has become the most popular app around the world

The most popular January apps on the App Store and Play Store. picture: Sensor tower

Whatsapp from the throne

Due to its surprising popularity, Telegram reached the milestone in a month 500 million users. The app managed to surpass WhatsApp in the number of downloads, and the Facebook messaging app dropped to fifth place. WhatsApp was the third most popular app in the app stores a month ago, in December, and the app on the Play Store achieved the most downloads in November.

Telegram recently made it Easier To switch from WhatsApp and take your chat history with you. The app recently announced that it will be using Advertisement The paid position comes to create a sustainable earnings model for the future. Previously, the app only paid its employees with donations and cash infusions from founder Pavel Durov.

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Telegram is a cloud-based chat app for mobile and desktop with an emphasis on security and speed. All messages are encrypted end-to-end.

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