Teleser and the Medical Mission are working together to fight COVID-19

New COVID-19 cases in Suriname, 17 recovered

Teleser has entered into a partnership with a medical mission in Suriname. This collaboration enables them to communicate the facts and myths about the Govt virus in different languages ​​and to ensure that it reaches the target groups through various media.

“We urge community members to speak for themselves and give our fellow citizens the right explanation. We also help vaccinate dates and locations,” said PR Janice Ashraf of Telesur. The company also helps to ensure that it can be picked up.

The projects undertaken so far have been communicated in different languages ​​through various radio and television channels. Vaccination Day aired in Bovaca so that members of the community could talk to themselves and share their experience. “We noticed a lot of people responding to the campaign in Bovaca. Now we have to see how it happened elsewhere.

Since the appearance of the Govt-19 virus in Suriname, the health sector has supported the fight against the virus in a variety of ways. For example, the company donated PPE to hospitals and helped organize a telecast with SU4Su, which aired free of charge via ATV. Teleser also thought about health workers from AZ’s ICU in high quality days. “Community health is very close to our hearts. We have also heard the cry for help in the medical work, especially with the communication area and we have decided to ensure that the various communities in the interior have access to information from trusted agencies and their own language.

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Telesur has partnered with other agencies to help fight the Govt-19 virus. It also provides an opportunity for the community to specify what information they need so that the telecommunications company can ask experts to respond to it. Ashraf hopes this will encourage the contribution of the community and see together what more can be done to combat the disease.

Although it is recommended to vaccinate yourself, it is a free choice. “We hope that people will choose to protect themselves and the community so that we can have more freedom in our daily lives and no longer have to lose loved ones to this terrible disease,” Ashraf said.

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