Temperatures creep in slowly: “Peak on Tuesday”

Cumulus clouds form, but they remain dry. The maximum temperature will be 10 degrees along the coast to 14 degrees locally in the east of the country. The sea is blown by moderate to moderate to moderately moderate northerly winds.

“The next night will be a cold night again,” Verhoeven says. “The temperature inside will be close to zero degrees.”

Tomorrow we will have to deal with a weak disturbance from the east. “There are fields of clouds, but there is also room for sun. In the east of the country there is a shower in the afternoon.”

Calm down again

In the first half of next week, not only will the temperature rise a little, but also the chance to take a bath. But the weather is still relatively calm.

Verhoeven: “The temperatures are peaking on Tuesday. That will be the most usual day at the moment, when the temperature ranges between 14 and 17 degrees in the afternoon.” Starting Wednesday, the temperature will again drop by a few degrees.

Pollen in the air

It will be less fun for hay fever sufferers in the near future. With enough sun, some wind, and relatively dry weather (plus a few showers), pollen develops So many opportunities To be distributed.

In this video, we explain why this year is such a severe season for hay fever.

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