Temporary homes in Eindhoven provide space for innovation

Stefanie Gijsbers from the municipality of Eindhoven says: “This project, Buurtschap te Veld, is the result of Woondeal for 2019.“ In this we have included that in addition to permanent homes, we are also building temporary homes. ” Because temporary homes are modular, they can be built quickly. By leveraging the law of crisis and recovery, decision-making is much faster than usual. “The condition for this is that you build in an innovative way,” says Gijsbers. Concretely, this means that we are experimenting with new materials and promoting social innovation. In addition to the social rent and the average rent, there will be a lot of properties that people can rent and can build their homes on. Think of a tiny house or thatched house.

An incentive to innovate

Stefan Scheuer, on behalf of the housing companies Woonbedrijf and “huis from Eindhoven”, believes that the temporary nature of homes is a tremendous incentive for innovation. It looks like you can free up a little more space when it comes to temporary housing. People suddenly dare to experiment. The houses are different, and so is the infrastructure, for example, semi-paved roads. There are also several common outdoor areas and a central car park. This requires a certain mindset among the population. You are jointly responsible for your region.

The municipality of Eindhoven has chosen to leave the homes standing for thirty years. This period is fifteen years for most temporary homes. “But then we don’t set costs,” Gijsbers explains this option. We are building a new district here with complete infrastructure. So the costs are higher than if you built twenty temporary homes in an existing neighborhood. “We also want to prevent that timer here, which means that people are constantly moving and thus not building a connection with the neighborhood,” Scheuer adds. If you could stay somewhere for thirty years, it would really be your place. So this should become a mixed neighborhood with homes for beginners, seniors and families.

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Building from a vision

If you want the temporary housing project to succeed, you must map out a clear vision beforehand, according to Scheuer. Stick to this vision from start to finish. Make it a joint statement for the municipality, companies, and all other interested parties. Gijsbers completely agrees with this: “See each other as partners, not as opponents. A company’s success is the success of the municipality and vice versa.

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