Temporary housing as a solution to the Terschelling housing problem

Haringa believes that these should become temporary sites, for ten to twenty years. It’s not just an arrangement. “There are also unattractive aspects to it that need to be discussed. What is the impact of such a site, for example?”

Unattractive aspects or only, in the end the sites should be created. “If not, then what is?”

135 houses are not enough

Permanent homes are also being built – in the coming years a total of 135 – but according to Haringa, this is very little. “We need to talk more about that. We also have those conversations with the county and the municipality. Because obviously there’s a lot that needs to be done.”

There is a housing crunch all over the country, but it looks different on the islands than in many other places. The space is required not only for residents, but also for seasonal workers. “If there is a place at all, it is often used for permanent residence or for recreational use. You gain more from that than from an employee.”

Just talking doesn’t help

These are Haringa’s final days or weeks as an alderman. There will be a new college soon. “I might be quitting, but no less persistent. We already discussed this solution late last summer. Now we have to name the locations and see how far we can go. Because just talking about the problem doesn’t lead us much further.”

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