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VideoSevere storm Arwen broke out over the UK last Friday and caused extensive damage. At least three people were killed in the natural disaster. In north-east Scotland, public life remains partly flat, partly due to blackouts. Thousands of people were without electricity for several days.

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Arwen caused a lot of damage and inconvenience. BBC News Reports indicate that in Scotland and northern England, about 32,000 network operator SSEN customers remain without power after the storm has passed. Schools in the Scottish county of Aberdeenshire will remain closed today and tomorrow.

21,000 SP Energy Network supplier customers were still in the dark yesterday. Grid operator Northern Powergrid says it has received 1,100 damage reports that require urgent repairs to restore electricity supply to 40,000 customers in the northeast.

Autumn Storm Arwen has caused severe storms with heavy rain and snow, such as here in the village of Keele in Staffordshire. Β© Reuters

Helicopter has been deployed

“The storm was announced early, but despite preparations, Arwen has caused damage not seen in the past 15 years,” said emergency manager Rod Gardner. Companies use helicopters to check high voltage towers.

The North West Electricity Company, which controls power between the Scottish border and the city of Manchester, described the storm’s damage as “devastating”. And 83,000 consumers were still without electricity yesterday. The company stated that delivery to 72,000 calls was not restored until late afternoon.

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More damage than expected

On Friday, the British authorities issued the rare red symbol, warning of severe life-threatening weather accompanied by strong winds, rain and possibly snow. Scottish Prime Minister John Sweeney then said that Arwen had caused more damage than expected.

Those who had to get to the road after the storm passed, ran into problems. Trucks got stuck in the snow. Other roads were blocked by fallen trees and windblown objects. The advice was to get out on the road only if necessary. There are no trains on some roads.

Two people were killed in traffic after they ended up blowing trees over cars.
Two people were killed in traffic after they ended up blowing trees over cars. Β© Getty Images

falling trees

Two motorists were killed on Friday. A man from Antrim, Northern Ireland, and Aberdeenshire, Scotland has died after a tree fell on their car. A Lancaster man hit a tree in Ambleside, England, and died on the spot.

Others were more fortunate. Images from an outdoor camera show how a woman in Bridgend was hit by a fallen tree. Sheryl Pound, 55, was smoking outside the bar where she works when The Giant came across the porch rooftop.

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stuck in the bar

In some parts of Scotland, emergency services are providing hot food and drinks to residents who have been out of power for two nights. Others are trapped outside by the snow, such as about 50 visitors to The Tan Hill Inn in North Yorkshire, the northernmost pub in the country.

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According to visitors BBC News It snowed Friday after the cover band Oasis performed. The pub-goers were in the hostel for three nights already. The rescue team arrested some of the guests, who had to return home due to the circumstances.

Everyone who descended on the road despite the warnings is covered with snow and slippery.
Everyone who descended on the road despite the warnings is covered with snow and slippery. Β© AP

“Just so cute”

Manager Nicola Townsend says the other guests are having a great time. β€œWe organized quizzes and karaoke. Chefs make good food, people play games… New friendships are formed. We are just having a lot of fun.”

The owner of a cafΓ© in the town of Kamenai told the broadcaster that the heating was not working because of the power outage. “No one has coverage on their phone, so the situation is very serious.” The catering business brought hot drinks and soup to the nursing home and set up a barbecue for the locals.

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