Ter Apel asylum seekers can go to Drachten: a place for 225 people in the Fries conference center

In the coming period, the Fries Congress Center in Drachten will provide a place for asylum seekers from Ter Apel. As of Monday 15 August, a maximum of 225 people can be accommodated here.

At the request of the Frysl├ón Safety District, Smallingerland Municipality cooperates in emergency crisis relief. The situation in Ter Abel was described as a “national crisis” in mid-June.

According to the municipality, there is an acute emergency at Ter Apel. This means that temporary shelter is badly needed. “We believe that we as a municipality have a responsibility to contribute to this humanitarian crisis,” said Mayor Jan Rijpstra.

‘more effort’

Rijpstra expects from The Hague that a structural solution to the Ter Apel’s major reception problems will be found this year. “In addition, I believe that more efforts should be made to return asylum seekers, especially those residing in safe territories, who do not have a residence permit to their countries of origin.”

The municipality of Heerenveen previously provided the Hoekstrahal sports hall. However, this sponsorship ends on August 15th. Then the Heerenveense Hall will again be available to sports clubs and schools.

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