Tesla remembers cars in self-driving test after updating problems

Photo: ANP

Tesla is recalling nearly 12,000 vehicles in the United States. These are the Models S, X, 3, and Y that are part of the vehicle manufacturer’s self-driving program testing. Vehicles received a software update on October 23, after which users quickly started complaining about problems.

Tesla received reports of false warnings of impending collisions the next day. As a result, cars can suddenly apply the emergency brake.

The bug will be fixed if a new update is installed. CEO Elon Musk said in response that these kinds of problems are to be expected in the testing phase. “It is impossible to test all hardware configurations under all conditions with internal quality control, hence the public beta testing,” Musk said on Twitter.

Last year, the automaker built about half a million cars, so the recall of 12,000 is limited. It is not yet clear if Tesla will also start recalling outside the United States.

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