Test player Hilda has been working on a test street for almost two years: ‘People do crazy things because of their nerves’

The visit to the test street was stressful for many visitors, especially in the beginning. It was sometimes reflected in their behavior on the test track. “We continue to see people doing crazy things because of their nerves,” he says. “For example, running in a trash can or suddenly driving behind full throttle and colliding with a car in the back.”

Hilda understands that those things are happening. “You can not blame people. They are sometimes very nervous and can not do much about it. The test is still exciting for some, but we notice that it is declining. People are getting used to it.”

With the changed testing policy, Hilda is more likely to be a little busy from next week. Anyone who tests positive by self-examination will not be recommended to verify that result by GGD. That advice expires on Monday. So fewer people are expected to come to the test street.

At the same time, GGD Zeeland insists that anyone interested can come for the PCR test. So the test lanes are currently open. Hilda continues to do her best: Relax people with a cotton cloth so that it disappears a little more evenly into the nostrils.
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