Texel deals perfectly with plastic pollution

“Finished with all the scrap”

For example, there will be a water tap in every village on the island, so that visitors can refill their bottles and they won’t end up in nature. It is also not recommended to use disposable plastic during events.

Texel Plastic Vrij Foundation is an initiative of a number of islanders who say they “finished all the trash on their island”. The foundation will focus on information for schools and entrepreneurs. In addition, it will organize beach clean-ups. The point is that there will soon not be a single piece of waste lost on Texel.

Smart plastic

Mayor Michele Uiedehaeg will sign a letter of intent on Saturday to make Texel the first Dutch island to have “smart plastic”. “It would be nice if there wouldn’t be more plastic in our beautiful nature soon,” he says.

Tourist areas play an important role

The World Wildlife Fund’s plastic-free initiative aims to cities and holiday destinations in the fight against plastic pollution. The environmental organization explains: “Plastic pollution is still a growing problem in tourist areas, but it can also play an important role in a solution.”

Every year at least 11 million kilograms of plastic ends up in the oceans, via land around the world. Many of them come from cities and tourist places. The concrete numbers about the garbage in Texel are unknown. (ANP)

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