Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing

“We want real history to be told in schools. It’s not pretty, it should not be described so cruelly in textbooks, but children need to know what happened first. Thanksgiving. “

According to Vampanox, the tribe that welcomed pilgrims from Europe 400 years ago, there were no turkeys. There are no helmeted Indians. In fact, contrary to popular belief, the tribe was not invited to that first harvest feast in 1621. Those religious refugees – those who were persecuted in the UK – first celebrated Thanksgiving 400 years ago, which was different than a family celebration. In the United States today.

For vampires, who are Pilgrim Fathers That first year led to the beginning of the genocide, the occupation of their land and the destruction of their culture. For other parts of the United States, the national holiday is a day of national mourning for Wampang and other tribes.

“We are the first people of this country. The memory of what happened can be painful. We are marginalized and destroyed. Sometimes we feel invisible. But we are still here and we want to show people that we are not missing.” Melissa Ferretti, president of Herringbond Wampang, said.

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