that is it! Netflix shares Undercover 3 trailer (lots of Ferry Bouman)

No doubt many fans have been looking forward to it: the trailer for secrecy Season 3, the exciting Netflix series. It was announced this morning. Who would have thought Ferry Bowman (Frank Lammers) had a very small stake in the second series: brace yourself. You get all the phrases.

The first episode of the new season of Dutch-Flemish series Undercover will premiere on Netflix on Sunday, November 21.

Bowman’s Ferry and the Unexpected Turn

What can we do about Secret 3 Expect? Well: With the arrival of Turkish couple Serkan and Leyla Bulut, arch-rival Ferre Boman and undercover cop Bob are forced to put their grudges aside. In this way, they can assure themselves of a new future. As a result, Fairy’s life takes an unexpected turn. That Frank Lammers Ferry has a much larger stake in Secret 3 From “2”, he appears in the trailer thirteen seconds later. subway He spoke to him on his way back to the previous season with his serial sweetheart Elise Chap.

Netflix secret
Frank Lammers (left) and Tom Weiss as Ferry and Bob in Secret 3. Photo: Netflix

More about the third season of Undercover

Bob (Tom Weiss) has been fired from the police for misconduct and faces a lawsuit and possibly a prison sentence. Ferry is released, but finds that his place at the top of the Ecstasy Realm has been taken by a stronger and more cunning gang. It is led by Turkish couple Serkan and Leyla Bulut (Murat Sefin and Nazmiya Ural).

When a young undercover cop is murdered, the police realize there is a mole in their midst. Patrick Derricks (Jeroen van der Veen) makes a proposal to Bob: he can make his lawsuit disappear if Bob goes undercover again and when a civilian intruder uncovers the traitor in the Serkan gang. Well, then… Bob reluctantly takes on this perilous task in an effort to get his life back on track and secure a future with his new family. But then he met Ferry Bowman.

Here is the trailer released today:

Complete Netflix cast Undercover

cast secrecy Season 3 consists of: Tom Weiss, Frank Lammers, Elise Shab, Jeroen van der Veen, Celeste Henry Cornelis, Ruth Pickwart, Water Hendrix, Sarah Janneh, Yannick van de Velde, Nazimia Ural, Murat Sevin, Gökhan Jorginol, Gökhan Kizilboga, Celine Van de Vondel and Mikael Yilmaz.

Just a little wait… and then you’ll find out Secret 3 from Netflix over here.

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that is it! Netflix shares a trailer for Undercover 3 (with lots of Ferry Bouman)

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