That’s why Art Ruejkers can’t be seen this season in a bed and breakfast full of love | show

If you listen carefully, you won’t hear the trusted sound of Art Rooijakkers tonight with the new season of B & B is full of love, But that’s from Jeroen Kijk in de Vegte. The theaters completely disappeared in the second series. This has to do with the Rooijakkers’ voice problems. He’s been under the knife multiple times and even had to keep his mouth shut for 75 days.

“Because of persistent vocal cord issues, I’ve been under the knife three times in the last months. After each operation, I had to rest for some time, which meant that I spent about 75 days in silence. “And about b & with love: “A voiceless presenter is of little use. So I haven’t been heard in BNR for a long time and I have an RTL b & with love Unfortunately, some other programs cannot be registered. ‘

Rooijakkers also introduced the Videoland version of RTL traitors† There will also be a special Halloween edition, but it won’t. With regular versions of traitors Tegel Beckand is the presenter.

Also listen to AD Media Podcast. Taking a look back at the TV season, kudos to Renze Klamer and Rob Kemps’ new presentation job.

Watch the show and entertainment videos below:

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