The 1930s as a manager in professional football: ‘Experience is exaggerated’ | Dutch football

Wouter Good has been sitting at the table for a while when the conversation comes to Jordan Peters, who is still waiting. In fact, it is not possible, says the president of the Groningen club, to start the position of manager of Roda JC without work experience. He says “because”. “It took me four years to become the director that I am today.” When Peters later confronted his colleague’s statement on entry, he didn’t seem to be surprised by some of the self-mockery. With a semi-serious face: “If you make it to Christmas in Kerkrade, you’ve done well.”

There was a time when club managers had names like Jorien van den Herik, Michael van Praag and Harry van Raaij. They were successful businessmen, with a great deal of life experience, who had influence in Feyenoord, Ajax and Eindhoven. For comparison: In February 2019, Gudde became manager of FC Groningen at the age of 35, having spent his first flying hours at Excelsior. Peters, like his education at Jude University, started last month at the age of 34 as president of Rhoda GC. Barely three months after he played his last game on behalf of Willem II. Notable details: His first official match as a director, against MVV, was immediately halted due to fan riots. “The next day I was suddenly at a table with the mayor, the prosecutor, and the police,” Peters looked back. “Then you know that your career as a footballer is really over.”

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