The 24-year-old driver who drove into a crowd in Pennsylvania also killed his mother after it crashed outside

During his interrogation, Reyes himself confirmed that he hit the group at high speed. Monitor images also show how the driver suddenly accelerates. A fifty-year-old woman was killed. And 17 others were wounded. Of those, five other victims are said to be in critical condition. Society is very shocked by the drama.

The suspect returned home after the incident, but saw his mother – 56-year-old Rosa Reyes – walking down the street on the way back. Reyes stated that he first ran over her with his car, after which he hit the woman several times with a hammer. Police earlier reported that Reyes attacked another woman after his act, but that was not his mother. She did not survive his attack.

When yesterday the police took away the twenty, he said nothing more than “sorry” to the press present. According to the local newspaper Enterprise Press The young man was already going to get a suspended sentence for another violent altercation with his mother in 2020, in which he would hit her in the face with her smartphone, because he was not allowed to use it.

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