The advancement of women in science continues, also in Tilburg

More and more women are working in Dutch universities. The number of women is still below the average professor at Tilburg University, but more than half of the doctoral students are now women.

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This is evidenced by the latest numbers of staff at Dutch universities. Among all PhD students, 44.5% are women and the same is now true for university lecturers. An increasing number of professors and associate professors are women: 32 percent and 27 percent, respectively.

At Tilburg University, growth continues more aggressively, at least at the bottom of the hierarchy. The majority of doctoral students are women, more than 57 percent. They constitute nearly half of university professors, or 47 percent. For participating professors, the top step is only 30 percent. There are the fewest women among professors: so only 24 percent are women, according to Preparation From the last reference date. According to the target, it should be 28 percent by 2025.

© HOPS. Source: Netherlands Universities. in FTEs. Excl. health. Reference date: December 31. 2021.

The increase seems to be going a little faster than before. Over the past 10 years, the proportion of female professors has increased by 12 percentage points. In the 10 years before that, the ratio was 8 percentage points. This is partly due to efforts by PvdA Minister Jet Bosemaker, who asked universities in 2017 to appoint an additional 100 women as professors that year. This number came on top of the goals that universities have already set.

However, there are also universities where the proportion of female professors has decreased last year. This happened in the first place, the Open University, as well as in the last, TU Delft. At a technical university you have to look behind the decimal point to see the drop. Moreover, only the proportion of female professors at Radboud University Nijmegen has decreased.

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Universities have set targets for the proportion of female professors in 2025. They did so last year at the request of the National Network of Female Professors. according to Forecasting From the network, only Wageningen, Delft and the University of Amsterdam could find it difficult to meet the target figure.


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