The Adyen All-in-One MPOS solution will help both large and small businesses

  • Adyen offers Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) solution in EU, UK and US.
  • This offer provides digital payment tools at affordable prices to small businesses and complements existing point-of-sale technology for large businesses.
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News: Adian, a Dutch-based acquisition and payment gateway company, has launched a Mobile Point of Sale (MBOS) in the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States, according to a statement.

Chart showing NFC-ready final shipments and total POS terminal exports worldwide

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Here’s how it works: This “all-in-one” Android device allows merchants to accept all major digital payment methods, including mobile wallets, contactless cards, chip and magnetic chip (depending on the model). It also has an application management feature that allows merchants to upload and use third party business applications for things like inventory management, loyalty programs and revenue.

Why to look: mPOS technology offers clear advantages for small and large businesses over traditional POS terminals.

  • Small businesses receive low-cost digital payments and business management tools. Some small businesses do not have the capital to invest in traditional POS hardware and software, which can make it difficult for them to meet. Increase demand For digital payments. But mPOS solutions like Adyen offer integrated hardware and software solutions at affordable prices that cater to a wide range of business needs. This allows companies to avoid purchasing multiple products that are not affiliated.
  • Large companies and firms receive value-added tariff concessions that can enhance their business. The MBOS solution complements existing enterprise point-of-sale technology. In high traffic stores, POS hardware solutions such as Adyen are a great way to reduce customer queues at check-out. Store associates can also use the Adyen product for customer service activities such as checking existing inventory or handling revenue, helping to streamline operations and enhance customer experience.

Adyen Opportunity: Adyen can use the new mPOS offer to target small and large businesses that want to boost personal retail when the epidemic reopens. The Adien solution will enable us to enter the small business arena and provide enterprise customers – viz I was born 97% of its value in the first half of 2021 – a value-added product that complements their other payment instruments.

The solution also allows Adien to gain a strong foothold in store retail, which still accounts for the largest share of wholesale retail in the markets. United Kingdom And this We are. It also opens up the possibility of Adiyan cross-selling by encouraging merchants who want to cut costs through interconnected payment methods to use other payment services.

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