The Alpha Romeo is reportedly heading to Eastern Europe for the presentation

With February approaching, terms like Test Delivery, Shake Down and Presentations will soon fall. Revelation dates will be provided by the teams soon and it looks like Alfa Romeo has already been leaked. Location: Poland.

Italian branch of It is reported that Alpha will deliver its C40 (?) In the Polish capital Warsaw. With Test driver Robert Kubika, the team has strong ties with Eastern European countries, with his personal main sponsor PKN Orlan Pi having a big finger, which now seems to have claimed ownership of the party.

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In recent years, the Italian / Swiss team has only offered its car on the first day of winter testing, but now it seems to have withdrawn. Not only the car color scheme of Kimi R்கikkனnen and Antonio Giovinassi will be on display in Warsaw on February 22nd. Last year and in 2019, the real car, the C39, was baptized by fire during a test lap in Fiorano. Rெயikkனnen then drove an alpha hidden under a Valentine blanket.

If the date and location actually become correct, the new Alpha will be released by any means before the winter tests in Bahrain. On the 12th, 13th and 14th, teams will only test on the Zakir International Circuit, which is due to run a week later, as a result of the postponement of the Australian Grand Prix. This season will now start on March 28 in the same round in Bahrain.

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