The arrival of the third movie “Kaiju” in the new trailer “Godzilla vs. Kong”

A Dutch movie fan will have to bite hard in the coming weeks and possibly months. The cinemas will remain closed until at least April 20, and that doesn’t look like that yet Godzilla vs. Kong It appears in our country in a different way.

In the US, where cinemas will open again under certain conditions, the fourth movie will be released in MonsterVerse on March 31 on the silver screen and HBO Max. As a result, the movie will be downloaded again illegally in the Netherlands. A quick video on demand should be the answer.

New pictures: joking third “kaiju”
For now, we have to settle for a lot of new images from trailers and TV commercials. Below you can see a Chinese trailer (and a poster) and in the new photos you’ll also see a big hint of the third Kaiju in the movie.

And this is of course Mechagodzilla which has already been leaked via numerous channels and is now also used in the promotion below. Do you have patience for Godzilla vs. Kong Even the cinema, should the movie run in May or June?

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