The Australian News app will shoot for the best iOS lists after the Facebook ban

Since the introduction of the ban, ABC has launched its own app called “Are You Losing Us on Facebook?” Is promoted with the message. According to On the edge This may be the reason why the app is suddenly shot in Apple’s download lists.

News usage Instagram, Messenger, Facebook and WhatsApp – topped the list over all parts of Facebook.

Fight over the new media law

Australia is pushing for a new media law that will allow online sites such as Facebook to pay publishers for links to their news. If a site cannot reach an agreement with the publisher, an independent arbitration panel will determine how much a company like Facebook should pay.

The bill is expected to be approved by the Australian Parliament next week.

Facebook is very dissatisfied with the law and publishers already believe that they are earning more from Facebook than any other way. The technical amendment threatened to block all Australian news links if the law was not amended. This week, the company took action.

According to Neyman Lab Collapsed Facebook’s referrals to Australian news sites have increased 93 percent since the ban. The number of completed visitors to news sites via Facebook dropped by 15 to 5 percent.

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