The authors of the alarming climate report are sure: Earth’s temperature has risen by 3 degrees by the end of this century

They believe that their governments will not be able to stop climate change and limit warming to two degrees, as agreed in the 2015 Paris Agreement. This is evidenced by a survey conducted by the trade magazine. temper nature popular among authors the report From the IPCC, the United Nations’ climate panel, which appeared in early August.

According to that report, the world is heading towards unprecedented changes due to greenhouse gas emissions. These threats to humans and nature can still be avoided, the scientists wrote in their report, but then “those emissions must be reduced immediately, intensively and resolutely.” Countries have promised to reduce their emissions, but even if those promises are kept, the Earth’s temperature will rise by 2.7 degrees. Nature’s editors find it not surprising that scientists expect this value to be exceeded, too. After all, many have witnessed how little progress has been made in recent decades.

The magazine wrote to the 233 authors of the IPCC report. Only 92 of them responded. This means that the scanning result has its limitations. The opinions of 60 percent of scientists are unknown. Two of them pointed out why the survey was not completed: They believe the strength of the IPCC reports is that scientists stick to the facts and don’t give opinions.

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The 234 scientists from around the world who co-authored the IPCC report wrote that climate change is moving much faster than it has been in the past two millennia or even longer.

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