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Oltv Regnoin, Punic

ULTV Rhijnauwen Tennis Club, Punic. © Ari Kievit

Where time stopped

It is sheltered in the bend of the Kromme Rijn, among the ancient beech and oak trees of the Rhijnauwen estate. In the summer months, hydrangeas bloom around the tennis lawn at ULTV Rhijnauwen (since 1932). Hikers arrive along the river from the direction of Amelleswerd, and on the other hand, the eastern side is Punic. The huge park near the building that was once the gateway to the estate, and now a famous tea house, has nine clay courts. “Around 1910 a gentleman of the Strick van Linschoten family, owner of Rhijnauwen, built a gravel path next to his botanical garden,” says park director Adrian Bredero. “You can still see it, at least the outlines. The woods recovered the mission. Later functions were added and in 1932 the assembly began. It was quiet and timeless,” he said.


Visitors envy the location and the holiday atmosphere

Adrian Bredero, Park Director

The beech and oak trees are themselves monuments maintained by Staatsb Glosbeheer. The garden itself is also strenuous enough: it commands the attention of an active and DIY green committee. The association has 1,200 members, 15 committees, and 75 volunteers. Predero: It’s a real community, visitors are jealous of the park’s location and the holiday atmosphere. ”

Groenendaal tennis court used to be.
Groenendaal tennis court used to be. © –

TV Beekhuizen, Philip

Tennis Club, Philipp (Gelderland).
Tennis Club, Philipp (Gelderland). © Ari Kievit

Just a party

Also in Gelderse Velp you can hear the civilized tuk-tuk, muffled in summer by the full greenery on the slopes of the Veluwezoom. Everyone who approaches Beekhuizen TV’s tennis lawn through rough bends has the idea of ​​being outside. Marjan Bejeman, 61, is a park manager, and it’s a paid part-time job, because there’s so much to do: 10 gravel, 4 all-weather and 4 indoor pitches, plus a paddle court and over 1,300 members. And a lot of events to be organised, such as family tournament, club tournaments, DAAN Beekhuizen Open.


I always come here by bike and go straight to nature

Marjan Bejeman, Park Director

Begemann: ,, I always come here by bike and go straight to nature. The garden is situated at three different elevations as you gaze into the side moraine of Veluwe’s jealousy. Logically, it’s just a party to be here, says Marjane Bigman.

Ari Kievit
© Ari Kievit

RLTC Lommerrijk, Rotterdam

RLTC Lommerrijk in Rotterdam.
RLTC Lommerrijk in Rotterdam. © KNLTB

Very nice to get used to

On one of the two Bergsche Plassen (yes with ‘sch’, that’s nicer), but which one? forplus? achterplas? So in such a pond there is a peninsula in it, in the form of a bat. We write Rotterdam – Noord, Heligersberg. We turn off the Straatweg and walk up the stem to the leaf. And look, there’s the tennis park at RLTC Lommerrijk, four clay courts, green and water on all sides. Called “one of the most beautiful tennis parks in the Netherlands,” there is just something to it.


There is the park: four green fairways and water on all sides

The hustle and bustle of the city is nearby, as is the A20, but you’ll hardly notice it in this oasis of peace. About 350 tennis players have the privilege of being members of the club, which is now fifty years old; It couldn’t be much more than that. The club has something of a large gazebo. They say suite in the club. ‘When you play you see water,’ says a gentleman who has just come out of the dressing room. He has been a member for fourteen years. “We can wave to the boats. Or that didn’t work? No, it’s too sweet to get used to.”

RLTC Lommerrijk Rotterdam is located on a peninsula.
RLTC Lommerrijk Rotterdam is located on a peninsula. © Ari Kievit

In 1936, the newspaper Rotterdam Nieuwsblad wrote about the newly constructed park, which the correspondent also considered at night “a piece of fairytale contrasting strangely with the darkness of Plas”. And yes, it’s Bergse Achterplas.

Merlenhove TV, Heemstead

Merlenhove TV, Heemstede, in Groenendaal Park.
Merlenhove TV, Heemstede, in Groenendaal Park. © Ari Kievit

History and atmosphere

History builds up in the Groenendaal tennis park, where since 1985 the fusion club TV Merlenhove has been located. A 17th-century toll gate has adorned the park’s entrance since 1934. In autumn, leaves are piled up, too: volunteers fill the occasional twenty wheelbarrows. It’s lovely, that old Groenendaalse Bos around it. There is also a historic wall that used to belong to the Groenendaal estate. Once a brick fell. “But that is what maintenance and restoration is for. We have good relations with the municipality, which now owns it,” says chairman Paul Barten.


It’s great to stay here

Paul Barton, Chairman of the Board

There are 13 jobs for 900 members and hundreds of job renters. THE PRESIDENT: It’s great to be here. There are some special duties for managers. When we wanted lighting, for example, there were objections of an environmental nature: It would scare away bats. Then a study was carried out on the flight paths, which took a year, after which there were objections from local residents who feared inconvenience. It continued until the State Council… Now there are also good consultations with the local people. We understand their concerns, but overall, we’ve only been comfortable with eight jobs after five years. Expanding the park with a paddle field is not an option. This is the privilege you have to offer if you want to practice your sport in such a beautiful location.

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