The beginning of a new tradition in water sports

An old photo, that quickly becomes clear when Sportvisserij Nederland’s director Joop Bongers speaks. He began to talk enthusiastically about street fishing, which is popular among young people. It is a sport that allows you to take your stick across the city and travel 15 kilometers to catch fish in different places. The city’s canals are famous for white fish and good zander, and ponds and lakes are full of carp and bream. An added advantage is that you can sit out on the balcony in the sun at any given time if they don’t want to be bitten. I can honestly see my sons doing it.

Well, you think, fisherman, but what am I supposed to do with this story?

For me, it makes the perfect bridge for Friday, the day Dutch Water Week takes place Started. Through this event we want to shape a showcase of water sports and show and experience how diverse and unique these sports are. We are targeting two target groups: water sports enthusiasts and non-water sports enthusiasts. The first set should feel: Great! The second is surprised and excited to try it for himself. We do this by offering as many great competitions as possible in a few days, including the Allianz Regatta. At the same time, almost everything you see can be experienced for yourself. For example, two days after the first Dutch E-foiling Championships, you can make the first counters on an E-foil (an electric skateboard that floats on water). In the following days, there are various clinics for boating, windsurfing and kayaking treatments. You can even paddle with the forest rangers.

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The place where all this happens is the water area between Amsterdam and Lelystad and Almere. With Bambos Island in the middle of the sailing and competition arena, which has been turned into the location for this special week’s food festival. But the major sports fans will also get their money’s worth here. A watchtower has been built on the island, where matches can be watched with a rare and beautiful overview.

In addition, several water terraces have been established scattered in the two cities of Dutch Water Week. We hope to receive as many volunteers and associations as possible and are also organizing our Association Conference: The Future is Water, which aims to realize the green ambitions of water sports. Sign ups have already exceeded our wildest expectations, but there are still a few spots left (send me a personal email just to make sure). And while the success of the event depends on the wind and weather, we hope to put the first stone in the water, to build the beginning of a tradition in the coming years. A meeting place around the water, which should earn a place next to the great water sports traditions of this country, such as Skûtjesilen, Sneekweek, Zeeland Regatta, Kaagweek and Veluwe Rally. Now they are much more than just a sport, because you don’t have to be a water sports enthusiast to remember these beautiful events. They connect generations of Dutch people.

I look forward to seeing you in Dutch Water Week

Find here the full program of Dutch Water Week

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Arno van Gerven is the Director of the Royal Dutch Aquatic Association. Each week it discusses current topics in water sports. Do you want to reply? Do so at [email protected]

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