The best cities in the world for street art lovers | To travel

Miami, Florida

Once a run-down neighborhood full of old warehouses, Winwood in Miami is now a popular open-air museum showcasing the street art of artists from around the world. In Wynwood you will find less than 200 murals in fifty volumes.

Winwood Walls is free to visit the outdoor art gallery with over 35 works of art by top artists.

Melbourne, Australia

The alleys in the central business district of Melbourne, Australia, are full of colorful murals. The outdoor art gallery can also be found here.

Additional Features: Art created by famous American artist Keith Harring when he traveled to Australia in 1984 can be found at Hosier Lane.

Berlin, Germany

If you can not get enough of street art and do not want to go too far, Berlin is one of the best cities to visit. It is no coincidence that the city was once declared a design city by UNESCO.

The remains of the Berlin Wall East Side Gallery are now officially a landmark and exhibit the works of hundreds of international artists as a mission to commemorate the city’s history and celebrate independence.

New York, V.S.

Street art is everywhere in New York: on Staten Island you can find a total of 40 murals on the North Coast and street art enthusiasts can immerse themselves in Brooklyn, where the Bushwick Coalition hosts an annual open-air gallery and street party. Displays artists from around the world. Attracts the whole world.

There are also plenty of places to see in Manhattan, Harlem and Washington Heights, where the Audiophone mural project does its best to enhance street art. In Astoria and Queens, the Welling Court mural beautifies and promotes the environment, and many murals respecting hip-hop culture can be found in the Bronx.

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Valparaiso, Chile

In Valparaiso, street art flourished after Chile became a democracy in the 1990s after years of dictatorship. An even better thing is that the local government supports and promotes public street art. In Valparaiso, walking tours with the most beautiful street paintings are very popular.


Public street art has been heating up in Singapore since the government introduced about 50 murals in 2015. Since then, thanks to the Public Arts Foundation: you can find them everywhere in Chinatown, Little India and Haji Lane.

Mississippi (Hattiesburg), V.S.

Hottisburg has more than 40 public art installations, including murals and sculptures.

Thanks to the Hattiesburg Alliance for Public Art, you can appreciate the thought-provoking works of art in Mississippi. Here you will find works of art with themes such as women’s suffrage, nature conservation and civil rights.

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