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The sixth month of the year is approaching. It’s been a month with quite a few new titles on Netflix. Also a series of new documentaries. We went looking for the best documentaries on Netflix in June 2022. Would you not agree with our list? Then vote for your best titles in June 2022.

The hidden life of pets

The Hidden Lives of Pets is about the coolest pets from around the world and delves into the latest science related to the senses and skills of our animal friends. Do cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and chameleons really love their owners? Do they miss us when we’re not there? These kinds of very important questions are answered, or… at least there’s an attempt to do it!

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Keep kind: pray and obey

Have you ever heard of FLDS? Probably not, but this is an American sect (similar to Mormons, but more extreme). Warren Jeffs was responsible for this schism from the Mormon Church (it was done by his father, because he wanted to restore polygamy – men who had multiple wives, sometimes more than seventy – to the faith). Jeffs married as many as 87 women (not all of them came of age) in his lifetime, and he had many children. Until the government has had enough…stay safe: pray and obey something that’s totally weird (especially a certain audio recording in the last episode, beware!), but highly recommended.

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Iron Chef: The Quest for an Iron Legend

The new Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend series is based on the popular (and eponymous) reality series that aired in Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom, among other places. From countless seasons of the cooking competition, a number of winners have emerged…and some of those winners are making each other’s lives bad (be it sweet, spicy or…salty) in Quest for an Iron Legend.

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Jennifer Lopez: The first half

The documentary Halftime highlights the tenacity of singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, which made her a world-renowned icon. With performances on screen and stage around the world, Dokku focuses on a global superstar who has inspired people with her creativity and cultural contributions for decades. This is somewhat positive, but who are we to fiddle with the description of Netflix itself?

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