The bicycle parking station in Hilversum has been expanded with double racks. Now more space in crowded storage spaces | Throwing

Double bike racks should provide more capacity.© Photo Media House

Emma Kemp


Single bike racks in Hilversum Station’s bike shed have been replaced with double racks. This should free up more space in crowded parking lots.

The bikes have been temporarily garaged outside the fence from Saturday. All of the middle racks have been removed and are now along the track, where the double tier racks used to be. They were put into storage on Monday. Then all the bikes were returned too.

Rack-mounted bikes with only one lock weren’t cut, because the risk of theft would be too great. So still dozens of bikes are pinned to the few racks along the track. On bicycles, wherever possible, the chain lock has been cut off in such a way that the lock is still usable.

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Multi-tiered racks used to stand next to the track, where single racks are now placed.© Photo Media House


The gates that were perpendicular to the entrance were also removed, so that the lane could no longer be blocked by rows of bicycles.

Signs were put up last Wednesday to announce the capacity expansion. Work began after three days.

A number of people looked very surprised Monday morning as they searched for their bike. Not everyone thought the announcement was made at the right time. Work will continue until Tuesday.

Moving a double rack takes 45 minutes, according to one employee.© Media House’s photo

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