The big win puts the Red Lions straight into the quarter-finals Hockey World Cup

The Red Lions easily won the 3rd match of the ongoing World Cup in India. Japan is no match for Belgium who have scored 7 times. One ticket is enough for the quarter final round. The only drawback: an injury to penalty corner specialist Alexander Hendricks.


  • 17′ Charlier 1-0
  • 21′ Bean 2-0
  • 26′ Bean 3-0
  • 27′ Tokier 4-0
  • 46′ Fukuda 4-1
  • 50′ Bean 5-1
  • 51′ Tokier 6-1
  • 55′ Boon 7-1 (Pen)

Hendricks with a knee injury

Japan was not a sparring partner for the Belgians. Number 1 of the Games is much bigger than Tokyo 2020’s number 11.

The Red Lions’ only blemish: Alexander Hendricks’ injury. The penalty corner specialist had to leave the field in the first quarter after clashing with a knee against a Japanese player.

In the second quarter, his teammates started a goal fair. Charlier shot the ball across the corner and then Boon (2x) opened his account at the World Cup. Dockier posted the halftime score: 4-0.

Straight to the quarter finals

After the break, the Japanese showed they could play hockey too. Fukuda saved his country’s honor by heading the ball past Vanassi.

Belgium won 7-1 with a solid final sprint. After Boon’s 5-1, Tokier rounded off the Belgians’ best attack.

Boon scored the final score on a penalty kick. The attacker left the stadium with 4 goals.

The big win was enough to secure a spot in the quarter-finals. Germany may have thrown a spanner in the works, but couldn’t beat South Korea by 9 goals (7-2).

Belgium won the group on goal difference (+11 vs Germany +8).

The defending champion will compete in the quarterfinals New Zealand or host country India. The match will be held on Tuesday.

Red Lions at the World Cup of Hockey

quarter final
24/01 Australia Malaysia/Spain 12:30 p.m
Belgium India/New Zealand 2.30 pm
25/01 Netherlands Argentina/South Korea 12:30 p.m
England Germany/France 2.30 pm
Group B results
14/01 Belgium South Korea 5-0
Germany Japan 3-0
17/01 South Korea Japan 2-1
Germany Belgium 2-2
20/01 Belgium Japan 7-1
South Korea Germany 1-7
Group B Finals
I am W G v +/- points
1. Belgium 3 2 1 +11 7
2. Germany 3 2 1 +8 7
3. South Korea 3 1 2 -9 3
4. Japan 3 3 -10

The winners of the 4 groups will qualify directly for the quarter finals. Numbers 2 and 3 go to shortcuts.

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