The black box records our closet

What if we can not prevent the climate crisis? Researchers from the University of Tasmania and marketing firm BBDO responded.

Many scientists are trying to prevent a global climate crisis. But the University of Tasmania and marketing firm BBDO believe that we can see the tragic end of our civilization. Getting ready for this doomsday scenario with the growth of nonprofit partnerships The black box of the earth. This black box records all the faults of our destruction so that subsequent civilizations can learn from our faults.

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Black box

The black box should be between Strahan and Queenstown in Australia. The organization hopes that the box will be better protected against vandals in this remote area. However, you may be wondering if this is a much needed step. The container has steel walls 7.5 cm thick. These walls protect large hard drives that store information about weather developments 24 hours a day.

“If the earth is going to die due to climate change, at least we will have indestructible recording tools that we can learn from,” said Jim Curtis, a BBDO employee at Clemens.

Data collection

The steel cube uses a special algorithm to clear two types of information from the Internet: hard and soft data. Hard data are measurable data for measurements of land and sea temperatures, such as ocean acidification and CO.2Wind levels and endangered animal species. News headlines and social media posts act as soft data and background information for these dry numbers.

With its current capability, the data box can store hard and soft data for thirty to fifty years. Meanwhile, the company is developing more advanced hard drives.

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Although construction of the box will not begin until next year, the hard drives are already running at full capacity. The Website of The black box of the earth Updated directly from the COP26 Climate Change Conference with social media posts about our environment. Once the box is complete, the public will have access to all the information through the digital site.


It all looks so dazzling. But how do we know that this plan is not so innovative for the civilizations that follow us? The organization does not have a definitive answer to the question. Can’t predict who will find the black box. We can say that the box will come in handy only if it is discovered by the wise. According to the Australian team, if one penetrates the steel walls he has a lot of privileges.

But even if subsequent civilizations did not reveal the contents of the box, the plan could pay off. The black box of the earth Things to do and do not list for future generations. At the same time, the developers believe that their actions will have a positive impact when all the actions of political and business leaders are recorded. For example, the website says: “How the story ends is entirely up to us. One thing is for sure: your actions, passive actions and contacts are now recorded.

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