The Blonde Isn’t an Easy, Sweet, Classy Autobiography of Marilyn Monroe

In July of this year, when the first trailer for the film was shown online, the actress was still influenced by her Cuban Spanish accent due to her Cuban Spanish accent, but this criticism was silenced when the film could be watched in its entirety at the early September Venice Festival. Dominic’s film may have become burdensome and frustrating – some also felt Norma Jean was portrayed too much as a victim – but everyone agreed on De Armas’ performance: impressive and compelling.

Joyce Carol Oates was also pleased with the film, calling it “a shocking, fascinating, deeply disturbing, and perhaps most surprisingly, emphatically feminist interpretation of my book”. About director Dominic she said: “When he first sent me the script for the film, I could already see that he understood what the central conflict in her life was. “Marilyn Monroe” was a genius invention of Norma Jean Baker, which initially saved her life, but then overpowered and devoured her. I found de Armas’ performance charming. from level Charlize Theron Like serial killer Aileen Wuornos in a sample And the Robert De Niro Like boxer Jake LaMotta in Raging Bull.

Also the discount Adrien Brody — who plays writer Arthur Miller, whom Marilyn married after Dimaggio — paid tribute to De Armas at the film’s press conference in Venice in early September. When he said he often had the idea that he was acting out the real Marilyn, it was easy to see how de Armas wiped off a grateful tear.

Appropriately, praise came from Brody who entered Blonde Playwright (Arthur Miller) also plays one of the few sympathetic men the troubled actress has to contend with – a fact taken serendipitously from Monroe’s real life.

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