The Boeing plane was again overturned by Airbus

Qantas switches to Airbus aircraft for domestic flights. That means Boeing planes will be replaced.

The Australian company will buy 40 aircraft in the first phase. It’s about twenty A321XLR and twenty A220 aircraft. In addition, the company has the option to bring an additional 94 machines to Australia. The devices are said to be delivered between 2024 and 2034. The company describes it as ‘the largest order for aircraft in Australian aviation history’. As a result, Boeing aircraft such as the 737-800 are being removed from the Navy.

The A321XLR offers many benefits to Qantas. For example, the aircraft can carry 15 percent more passengers than the 737-800. This type of Airbus can be used for operation on busy routes between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The A220 will launch domestic and regional operations. Qantas plans to allow these flights to fly between major cities and major regional routes during off-peak hours. With this, the company is increasing the number of flights. Brad & Whitney’s GTF engines also offer fuel savings of 15 to 20 percent.

Qantas delight in Airbus order

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce speaks highly of the A220. “The A320 will be new to Qantas Domestic, but we already know it’s a great aircraft because it has been the backbone of Jetstar’s success for more than 15 years. And more recently it has been in the western resource sector. Report.

Contract conditions will also be favorable in the long run. “The deal with Airbus had the added benefit of keeping the order flexible, meaning we can continue to choose between the entire A320neo and A220 families, depending on our growing needs in the years to come. The ability to combine Jetstar and Qantas orders for the A320 was also a factor.

Murmured again

Last week, Up in the Sky announced that KLM was close to a major deal with Airbus. The 737-800s and -700s have aged, so an alternative must be found. It is said to buy KLM 160 Single aisle jets On (single aisle plane, ed.). However no final decision has been made yet. As a result, the 737 MAX still has a chance.

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