The Boijmans warehouse construction has been completed, and now the artworks are being installed

The large mirror doors to the public entrance are still closed. We enter the entrance through the staff entrance and a number of loading and unloading places. Scaffolding was in place until a few weeks ago, but it is now complete and the place is being cleaned up.

“A steel yellow floor platform has now been installed,” says Ina Klaassen of Boijmans. “It is a design by architect and artist John Cormeeling. This height (mezzanine) gives the entrance more space and a different experience. At the top will be the transparent cabinets, where coats and bags can be stored. The floating lockers and also the museum store are still there. This is also where the tours will start. Guided. ”

Through the stairs we go to the largest exhibition area. “This space is roughly the same size as the central hall of the Bowdon Building in the museum itself. The presentations are given here. But there are no exhibits like the museum, so there are no art and history exhibits, but more presentations on the assembly or about the collection. Self.”

See art in the cupboards

As an audience, you can look directly into cabinets with artwork in various places in the building. According to museum director Klasen, this is not very common: “You can see the back of the museum. What is always behind a closed door, you can see in all its glory here. And with a guided tour, you can even enter it.”

Some cabinets are currently working hard with vacuum cleaners to clear the room of dust. It’s just a first clean-up. Before entering artifacts, rooms must be well cleaned and then acclimatized.

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A striking feature of the warehouse is the presence of thirteen display boxes. You are actually walking through a glass tunnel where artwork can be seen on the walls. In the showcases on the upper floor, you can peer through the glass floor, thirty meters away. The galleries were designed by visual artist Marek Van Diemen

A “military operation” to stabilize art

Outside the warehouse, the last trees are planted and the tiles are still in progress. The cleaners are busy inside. In a few weeks, work will begin to bring the first artifacts here. “We have been preparing for two and a half years. It is in fact a military operation. It will take about three and a half months.”

Open in the fall

The Boijmans van Beuningen museum repository, designed by MVRDV, is indeed a much discussed and photographed topic. There is a lot of national and international interest. There is still no exact date for the grand opening, but according to museum director Claasen, the warehouse will open as it is in October.

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