“The Book of Boba Fett” has been watched many times better than most Netflix series

Netflix loses to a new series from the streaming service Disney +.

Each week Nielsen charts the number of series that have been shown. These stats, which come from the streaming services themselves and are compiled by Nielsen, are always interesting. Also this week.

Now we have a good feeling how popular it is boba fett book Not. Nielsen data for the week of December 27, 2021 to February 2, 2022 shows that the series was watched with a total of 389 million minutes in the United States.

been seen a lot
With that came boba fett book According to Nielsen only in eighth place of the week. But the fact that the series only had one episode online at the time and only aired five of the seven days makes it more popular than some Netflix series, which had an entire season of them online.

what about stay soon And the The Great British Bread Show from Netflix? Entire seasons of these have already been released and yet they have been recorded boba fett book better.

not only this, boba fett book He also almost scored lost in space And the Queer EyeTwo series on Netflix also had an entire season.

Check out the full top ten below.

1. Cobra Kai (Netflix), 2.42 billion minutes watched
2. the magician (Netflix), watched 1.83 billion minutes
3. Emily in Paris (Netflix), watched 1.11 billion minutes
4. wheel of time (Prime Video) 630 million minutes watched
5. hook (Disney +) 539 million minutes watched
6. Queer Eye (Netflix), 466 million watched minutes
7. lost in space (Netflix), 452 million watched minutes
8. boba fett book (Disney +) 389 million minutes watched
9. stay soon (Netflix), 349 million minutes watched
10. The Great British Bread Show (Netflix), 338 million minutes watched

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