“ The Brexit deal will also cause additional red tape for the transport sector. ”

Jean Belga, owner of Belga Transport from Roden, doesn’t expect the Brexit deal to change much for his company. Starting January 1, he can count on more paperwork.

With its carrier, Belga generates 60 to 70 percent of its sales from transportation to and from England. “The separation agreement between the European Union and Great Britain will facilitate trade because the current agreements are still in effect, but they don’t make much difference to transport,” says Drenthey businessman.

The European Union and the United Kingdom agree on a trade deal. “We don’t care about Brexit, you will have to deal with documents. Starting January 1, we will have to deal with a lot more trouble and bureaucracy,” Bilga knows. “For example, all shipments must be recorded separately. We will have a special function for this.”

Crazy time

These are strange weeks for Belga anyway. Due to the uncertainty about Brexit, there are additional means of transport to Great Britain. Last weekend, the borders were also closed due to the mutation of the Coronavirus. Bilga had seven drivers in England. “The last two, including my brother, got on the boat this morning. Fortunately I managed to get everyone back.”

“But the drivers who pass through the tunnel and don’t have reservations are still stuck,” Bilga said. “Everything is booked for the coming weeks.” “We’ll be back on that road again next week. But I’m now working to make sure two drivers can get back in one car. I think it’s terrible for drivers and others who are stuck that all of this happens right before Christmas.”

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Lonely career

“Truck driver was a really lonely profession and now with all the facilities completely closed. I hope the coronavirus doesn’t make things more difficult,” Bilga says. “With a lot of things going in and out of England before 1 January, I think the situation will be very calm in the first few weeks of next year.”

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