The British and Irish remain the favorites to organize the European Championship 2028

Jonathan Hill of the Irish Football Association.Sportsfile Image via Getty Images

Football is back home. At least, that’s what the English newspapers have been cheering up the past few days. After all, allocating the European Championship to Ireland and the United Kingdom seemed a fait accompli due to the lack of competition, but on Wednesday afternoon, shortly before the deadline, the Russians decided to advance to the football gala despite the boycott. . Not only that: Turkey showed interest at the last minute, as did a group of four Balkan countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Greece.

UEFA will make a decision after the summer.

Russia’s candidacy seems to be a case of provoking the Kremlin. Recently, the Champions League final was removed from Saint Petersburg and the Russians will miss the approaching World Cup in Qatar. There is also little chance that the European Championship will go to Turkey or the Balkans in six years. Despite the latecomers, the British and Irish remained favorites for the tournament. The last time England hosted the European Championship was in 1996 and the last European Championship. Wembley is an important host, including the final fight.

lack of protection

But the final between England and Italy was marred by turmoil outside the stadium. Without a ticket, hundreds of Englishmen, apparently in the state, were able to get into the stadium, which was completely emptied by stampede. In an investigation, Wembley and the FA were criticized for their lack of security. The islanders are determined to show they can orchestrate a grand finale. For the English team, the house advantage is a chance to win the European Championship for the first time.

The intended host cities are London, Cardiff, Glasgow, Dublin and Belfast. Matches are also likely to be held in Manchester, Birmingham and Newcastle. Political motives also play a role in the nomination of the British Isles: the unity of the United Kingdom, as well as friendship with Ireland. The British would prefer to host the 2030 World Cup, but FIFA has already hinted that it favors Spain and Portugal. England,’home of footballIt hosted the World Cup for the first time in 1966.

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