The British government wants to allay fears about empty shelves at Christmas

Photo: ANP

Brits don’t have to worry about empty shelves, say, toy stores in the run-up to Christmas. Minister and Conservative MP Oliver Dowden said: The reason is that container ships are being taken out of the UK’s largest port because there are few drivers to transport containers.

Container carrier Maersk announced, on Tuesday, that several large ships have left the port of Felixstowe due to a lack of drivers, containers cannot be moved inland, and there is no place to store containers in the port. Those ships were diverted to ports on the European mainland. Felixstowe in the east of England handles more than a third of all containers in the UK.

Dowden said people shouldn’t worry, because he says problems at the port are already receding. “I am convinced that people can have their toys for Christmas. I would say just buy as you normally do.”

The shortage of truck drivers in the UK has already led to a shortage of gas stations due to an insufficient supply of fuel. Supermarkets and other stores also had to deal with empty shelves due to supply issues.

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