The British Prime Minister wanted to “look like piles” rather than close | out of the country

The newspaper opened its front-page attack on the prime minister with the headline “Boris: Let Thousands Pile Up”. He would have made this statement in the fall. In January, another lockdown followed in England. These strict measures are now being phased out step-by-step.

The opposition is calling for Johnson to attend to clarify the matter himself in Parliament. These remarks are disgusting. “If this is true, it is Boris Johnson’s duty to resign,” said Ian Blackford of the Scottish SNP.

Johnson briefly denied the two, but did not elaborate on the accusation. When asked if he had made the statement, he answered “no” and then went on to say that people think it is especially important for the government to be successful in lockdowns.


However, an ITV News reporter wrote that two sources told him that the disputed statement was indeed true. Johnson reportedly shouted at her angrily. His office doors were open at the time and many people heard it because of it.

It is not clear who leaked the information to the Daily Mail, but other media were quick to link the prime minister to Dominic Cummings. This former senior adviser had been blaming Johnson for some time for spreading harmful information.

For example, Cummings claimed on his blog that Johnson wanted to secretly finance the renovation of his official home with money he donated. He is said to have told the prime minister that such a thing is “immoral, stupid and possibly illegal”. Downing Street contradicted the report.

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These discoveries are receiving much attention in the British media and come at a particularly unfavorable time for Johnson’s Conservatives. The British will go to the polls for regional elections within a week and a half.

Cummings was previously known as Johnson’s right-hand man and as the mastermind behind the successful campaign to get the UK out of the European Union. He resigned suddenly at the end of last year, reportedly after an internal power struggle within the government.

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