The British want their royal family to be expelled

The cry for change is getting louder in the British royal family. During a tour of Prince William and his wife Kate through Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas, there was deafening criticism, even in the British House of Commons.

Reporter Lea Van Beekhoven believes that dating the British royal family in particular is a thorn in the side of many Britons. “Perhaps the best example of this is Prince William and Princess Kate standing in an open Land Rover checking the guard of honor,” she says. – He wore a military uniform with a lot of white and gold gold. One newspaper even had the headline “More than 1932 compared to 2022.”

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wrong PR

According to Van Beckhoven, this image is no longer possible. That was also very polite here. This in itself was a misstep they took in the field of public relations, but besides that it was the protests about slavery and the involvement in the slavery of the British royal family that came to the fore. Therefore, the discussion about the monarchy, its importance and its history dominated the visit. This has triggered a lot in the UK.


The British press is almost unanimous in its opinion, says Van Beekhoven: The royals must change. The debate is taking place widely in the UK, but how should it be? “First of all, it is suggested that fewer titles be awarded,” she continues. “For example, Prince Charles is the Prince of Wales, we know that, but in addition to this he is Duke of this, Earl of that and Baron of something else, so it is suggested that he be deleted. Enough Prince. They also want to cancel the Prime Minister’s weekly visit to Buckingham Palace. Not while the Queen does not She’s still alive, of course, and the knife has to be the size of a family. Charles has said that before.

UK Parliament

But this alone will not be enough, van Beekhoven believes. The leading role in the Commonwealth should go, too. The British royal family should have an equal relationship with the other 53 countries of the Commonwealth of Nations. They also have to give up a lot of mansions, have fewer privileges and become less involved in politics.

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Van Beekhoven says the British royal family is not really going to fall, because the British love the royal family so much for it. It is the pomp and circumstance with which the British are associated. And not just them, we think she’s pretty, too. So if you can make it happen every now and then, the British can certainly live with that. But the content of everything else you mentioned should be different. It must go down. It is interesting to see that, of course, it has been happening for a long time. People have noticed her for a long time, but now it seems she has struck a chord. And I’ve never seen that before.

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