The Britney Spears documentary forces Ivo Niehe to react

Documentary Framing Britney Spears Has caused a great stir in the United States. The documentary contains considerable criticism of how the singer was treated in the media at a young age. As a result, fans and celebrities speak for Spears. Since the recently released film, Ivo Nihe has received a lot of criticism on social media.

An anti-government movement has also been revived: #Freebritney, which resonates on social media. The reason for this hashtag is that Spears has received his father Jamie since 2008. The judge ruled that the pop star could no longer take care of himself after a general mental breakdown. During that time she shaved her head and was constantly chased by the press. He was eventually admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

He has been performing well ever since and has resumed his career, but his father is still his administrator. He is appointed to take care of her because, according to a judge, she cannot do so on her own. Britney controlled everything for James Spears. That arrangement is now receiving a lot of criticism: How is it possible for a woman almost 40 years old to still be in the custody of her father? Spears has not challenged this many times in recent years.

Framing Britney Spears, A product of The New York Times, argues that Spears falls victim to a man’s world. Over the years, she has become increasingly cornered by the image she paints in the media.

Ivo Nihe under the island

The documentary has a piece with Ivo Nieho. At the time, Spears was a 17-year-old guest TROS TV show And Nihe addressed her breasts. According to some tabloids, they have been enlarged by plastic surgery.

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Check out a piece shared on Twitter by an American journalist here:

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