The cancellation of this series was very painful

The cancellation of this series was very painful

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The cancellation of this series was very painful

It’s been two years since Showtime decided so suddenly Ray Donovan After its seventh season to stop. A painful choice, not only for the fans, but also for the actors and crew who have already planned an eighth season.

In fact, showrunner David Hollander had already managed to work on the eighth and final season. Although Showtime eventually announced a movie to wrap up the story (which aired on Showtime in the US on Friday, January 14), the process was painful.

very painful

Actor Liev Schreiber said in an interview with TV Line that he still did not understand why the series was suddenly canceled, even though the last season had already been ordered.

“It was very painful and confusing at first,” Schreiber started. “It looked like we were successful, both financially and creatively. So it didn’t make sense at all.”

Schreiber now knows that ViacomCBS’s upcoming merger played a role in the cancellation, something ‘Tough transition’ mentioned. He also understood that the series only had one season left, And it would be very costly for them.. But it was painful.

Fortunately, there were fans who made the movie possible.

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