The Capitol Storm Investigation: Does the Revelation Spark Something in a Divided United States?

Tonight will be the first ever public hearing that will look into the attack on Parliament House.

Seventeen months have passed since the storming of the Capitol. On January 6, 2021, angry Donald Trump supporters stormed the House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. to prevent Congress from confirming Joe Biden’s election victory. Five people were killed and hundreds injured.

long search

Nine members of Congress and an investigative team took over a thousand statements and collected 140,000 documents about the break-in. “They’ve been investigating for nearly a year and are listening to witnesses behind closed doors,” says US reporter Eric Motan. “Now the commission says: We know what happened, we have evidence and we will show it to the rest of the world.”

The investigation by the Parliamentary Committee is separate from the criminal investigation by the US Attorney General. So far, 800 people have been prosecuted for their actions during the storm. “Now it comes to the broader story: what exactly happened? Was this a demonstration that got out of hand or was it a pre-planned?”

Trump’s role

“Many Americans are wondering how this could have gone wrong,” Mothan says. “When I was there to report, I thought: Where are the police? Where are the reinforcements? So that that is also investigated.”

The role of former President Trump is also under scrutiny. According to Mathan, the image the committee wants to convey is that this president wanted to stay in power at all costs. “No news was heard from Trump during the three-hour raid. The investigation committee spoke with several of his former employees,” he added.

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According to US media, these employees say Trump actually thought what happened was good. Until it got really violent, he was actually supporting her.”

Not on Fox News

The session begins at 8:00 PM, which is prime time for all TV channels because most Americans are behind the screen. Because the investigative committee wanted as many people as possible to watch, the major broadcasters promised to broadcast it live.

Fox News, one of the country’s largest broadcasters, will not be showing the hearing. As a result, many Republican voters will receive a much lower percentage, says Mathan. “America is divided to the bone and this investigation is no exception. Democrats are happy that things will finally turn out, but Republicans call it a witch hunt and refuse to consider it.”

divided committee

Instead, they prefer to talk about inflation, rising gas prices, and discontent with incumbent President Joe Biden. Mathan: “After the raid, congressional Republican leaders denounced the attack, calling it unacceptable, but then decided not to conduct a thorough investigation into it. In fact, they are now calling the investigation committee unconstitutional.”

According to The America Reporter, they mean the fact that the investigation committee consists of seven Democrats and two Republicans who do not support Trump. “Republicans present it as an investigation that is only conducted by Democrats and therefore has no say. That’s a crazy argument, because the majority of House members voted for this committee. That’s how they sell it to their supporters: It’s just a left-wing hobby club, you don’t trust that, do you?”

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At the same time, to many Republicans, it sounds like a myriad attempt to destroy Trump. “We’ve heard for years about various investigations into Trump. Democrats, for example, say he colluded with the Russians. These accusations haven’t always been made,” says Mathan. Prove it. So it’s understandable for Republican voters to think: Here we go again.”

what are you expecting?

The commission has not yet announced who will testify. According to American media, director Nick Quested, among others, will testify. Take pictures of the right-wing Proud Boys during the storm and record the events of that morning.

After Thursday’s hearing, five more hearings will follow in the coming weeks.

Prior to the hearing, the FBI arrested Ryan Kelly. Kelly is a Republican candidate for governor of Michigan. He was arrested for his role in the January 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol in Washington. Kelly is one of five state Republicans vying to face Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer in November.

According to a statement from an FBI agent, Kelly was videotaped among a crowd of people “attacking and pushing law enforcement” inside the Capitol. Other photos show Kelly climbing an “architectural element” near the stairs leading into the building. He was then seen waving his hand to encourage the audience to go up.

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